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No Job Too Small

Why Choose Us?

What We Do

  • Create long-term partnerships with our clients.
  • Provide quality, full-service outsourcing.
  • Provide sustained results.
  • Promote, instill and reinforce safe practices in everything we do.
  • Are Impassioned and Empowered in everything we do.
  • Create advanced solutions.

Quality First

J&J Underground Utilities has a fleet of equipment operated by experienced crews. No matter the job size, rural or metropolitan, you can trust the experts at J&J Underground Utilities.

J&J Underground Utilities continues to grow our company exponentially. We have designed a successful plan for this by providing incentives to our employees and keeping them well trained therefore delivering top results with no complaints

J&J Underground Utilities encourages open communication in order to improve customer satisfaction. While in the field, our employees represent J&J Underground with nothing less than professionalism; therefore we represent our customer's place of business the same.

We Strive For Excellence

We believe that “quality of service” will build a long-term professional relationship.


Our innovative approach provides the sustained results you need, from complex projects to the most basic.


From construction & maintenance to reliability, our attention to detail enables us to successfully deliver long-term value in all of our Solutions.


Our leadership strategy and state-of-the-art technologies contribute to operational performance at the top of our industry.


No matter what your project calls for, our goal is to deliver the safest, highest quality of work. We want you, our customer, to be pleased.


We work hard to be a company where employees are proud to be part of the team, customers trust us, and shareholders want to invest in us.


We’ve built our reputation on dealing fairly and honestly in our business transactions and relationships.

J&J Specializes In

  • Directional Drilling
  • Trenching
  • Plowing
  • Fiber Jetting
  • Handholes/Manholes
  • Micro Trenching
  • Water and Sewer

Crew Pride

Our Crews

  • J&J Underground Utilities is committed to the use of innovative technologies to grow & improve our company and increase our service offerings. This can be obtained by consistently exceeding our client’s expectations through continuous re-evaluation and improvement.

  • J&J Underground Utilities is committed to creating close partnerships with our clients, employees, communities and vendors. We continue to set high expectations that will exemplify our dedication to extraordinary service.

  • We work hard to be a company where employees are proud to be part of the team, customers trust us, and shareholders want to invest in us. To ensure this, all employees have had extensive background checks and are subject to random drug testing.